A proper piece of writing, or a brand even, needs to have a voice. And that voice needs to fit whatever it is people think of the brand. Your tone of voice will ensure your readers have the desired emotional response to your content. How do you communicate? Are you a caring brand, a young brand or a trusted brand? How does your target group respond to your identity? These are all questions that are important to think about before you select a tone of voice. What you tell them is important, but the way in which you tell them is what makes the impact. With a chosen tone of voice you can bring a piece of text to life, or suck all life out of it. But what if you did not map out your tone of voice yet as a brand? And how do you know if this tone will still be relevant for your target audience a few years from now? This is where research is essential. 


What personality do you link to your brand?

How does your target audience talk about your brand? Eventually it all revolves around clarifying the interpretation of the reader when he or she see’s the brand. This is necessary partly because you can see whether your writing is on the same page with your tone of voice of your brand. Here, the core is of course how you position yourself once again. An easy way to do research on this is to simply ask your readers. Try using a Facebook poll or a classic give away contest to spark users to tell you how they would describe your brand.

Assign the tone of voice per industry

What I mentioned above is of course a lot harder to conduct a business to business environment. Here you will likely write for many different industries with many different audiences. Empathy and the ability to dive in the role of your client is essential here. You know, a bit roleplaying never hurts. Also, you can generalize the types of tone of voices used by various industries quite a bit.

Accountancy office

  • Trustworthy
  • Warm
  • Wise
  • Serious

Formal copy with warm an confident words. Without excessive show of emotional expression that could confuse the reader.

Communication agency

  • Energetic
  • Different
  • Creative
  • Fun


A correct tone of voice makes sure that the personality of the Organization becomes visible for the customer. When the customer hears the same voice in every form of communication, you will appear more reliable to the outside world. When you do have your unique tone of voice, you should work this into your brand strategy. That way you make sure that it is consistently used and keeps you relevant for your target audience.

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