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Online communication; A reflection

If you were asked about your life on social media, how would you describe your experience? Would you say it has changed for better or for worse? What about the internet in general? An ever enlarging source of knowledge at […]

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The things that drive me

Doing what you like doing. Being good at it. And finally doing this with people that think the same way. Those are the three elements that together shape happiness in what you do. Or at least, that’s what the SDT […]

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Sample blog for Crowdfunding platform

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King   The dream As you were reading that name, the other quote that this man is still […]

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Writing for a crowdfunding platform

Social media and blog content While active as an intern at a Dutch marketing agency, I was responsible for the copywriting of a client that hosted an international crowdfunding platform. This included both blog and social media content. The platform’s […]

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Translation of agency website

While active as an intern in a marketing agency located in the Netherlands, their main website needed translation. Using the tone of voice they used in Dutch I rewrote the content of the website to suit an international audience. The […]

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Deciding on your tone

A proper piece of writing, or a brand even, needs to have a voice. And that voice needs to fit whatever it is people think of the brand. Your tone of voice will ensure your readers have the desired emotional […]

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America and a world full of opinions

It’s September 1st, 2008. I’m standing in the cafeteria. I smell greasy fries and hamburgers. I look around me. All these lunch tables but where do I sit? A rock sits in my stomach and my eyes frantically search for […]

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„Vhodnou základnou pro manželství je oboustranné nepochopení.“ Oscar Wilde